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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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Io6                      ?HE FATE OF MAN

adopts the methods of extreme rationalism, the
technicalization of human life: it proclaims
rationalized state planning, not only for economics,
but for human thought and conscience, even for
personal sexual and erotic life. Modern rational-
ization and technicalization are controlled by
subconscious and irrational instincts, the instincts
of violence and domination. This is true of
both Germany and Soviet Russia. Of course
modern etatism, the pretence of the kingdom of
Csesar to absolute significance, is diametrically
opposed to Christianity. This may be the
central meaning of the events of our time. The
absolute ideocratic, totalitarian state comes in-
evitably into conflict with freedom of religious
conscience, denies the Christian's right to liberty
in his own spiritual life. The state would become
the church. The distinction between the things
of Caesar and the things of God is constantly being
erased in our fallen world, and this always
indicates that the Kingdom of Caesar is attempt-
ing to swallow up the Kingdom of God. This
is revealed with unusual clarity in modern

In our fallen world, conflict is inevitable
between the things of Caesar and the things of
God. The denial of the dualism of spkit and
nature, freedom and necessity, the individual
and society, is the source of despotism and